about us

As the fruit grape, we develop games that connect people.
Our games bring new and unforgettable entertainment by making a precious and endless connection.
Game developer connecting people provide the new world entertainment, this is the future of GRAPEGAMING.


Make the world’s first MMO Casino

Casino is the genesis and foundation of all game genres

With simple and clear game values, it requires high level quality of performance

We try to provide the next level of fun by applying multiplayer and social networking aspects to casino, and guide our players to compete, cooperate and have the best gaming experience.

We will develop the world’s first MMO casino game to maximize the fun of ‘playing together’.


CEO Jason Chee: Graduated from Electronic Engineering at Seoul National University. Served in Nexon and Smilegate as a head of affiliate companies.


2019. 04. Started development of Project J

2018. 10. Signed co-development partnership with Smilegate Inc.

2018. 08. GRAND OPEN of SLOTS GRAPE in North America

2018. 02. Relocated to Samseong-dong

2017. 08. Started beta service of SLOTS GRAPE in English speaking countries

2016. 11. TIMEFOLIO Asset Management, VIP Asset Management and Goodnori Entertainment invested in series A

2016. 08. Designated as a venture company by Korean Government

2016. 02. TIMEFOLIO Asset Management invested as an angel investor

2015. 12. Founded in Smilegate Venture Incubator Orange Farm


Company that connects people

to introduce the new world entertainment.



Social Casino : SLOTS GRAPE

Social Casino is for pure entertainment without involving real gambling, with market capitalization exceeding 5 trillion won (5 billion U.S. dollars) centered around North America.

SLOTS GRAPE aims for ‘Happy virtual casino where players grow and share joy along with friends’.

It provides wide variety of contents including slot machines in various themes, table games, avatar customization, VIP system, club community, tournaments, social media integration, in-game friend management system and more.

From its superior quality and degree of completion, SLOTS GRAPE is rapidly growing with industry top KPI statistics such as retention rate and ARPDAU.

Platform : Android, iOS, Facebook, HTML5 Web
Available in: Global market centered around United States (Except for Korea and China)
Technology: C++, C#, ASP.net, PHP, MS-SQL, AWS
Development Engine : Unity 5

Other Projects

Project J : Real-time match up puzzle game
co-development of sand box game contents with Smilegate Inc. 
Development and consulting of blockchain technology



We dream of becoming a high salary company

We want to become a company where a group of smart people with lots of talents and passion come together to work towards and share our success. We are looking for talented people who wish to pursuit our dream with us.

Working conditions

- Industry’s top class salaries
- Unlimited coffee and soft drinks
- Regular oversea workshops
- Dinner (in case of overwork)

- Stock option
- Social insurance, annual vacation, severance pay, medical checkup, family event support
- Working hours: 9:30 A.M. ~ 6:30 P.M. (Lunch break: 12:30 P.M. ~ 1:30 P.M. )



Customer Support

Tel : +82-2-544-7006


Address3F, Gyeongsan Bldg, 571 Samseong-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

Parking available for visitors

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Less than 1 minute walk distance from exit 6 at Samseong Jungang Station on Line No.9

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No. 342, 3412, Gangnam 07

Bus Stop: Samseong Jungang Station, Platinum Apartment (Stop ID: 23-211)