about us

Just like grape vines, we strive to connect people together.
We forge unbreakable relationships and create unforgettable moments.
GRAPE GAMING’s future is bringing people together and giving joy to people’s hearts..


CEO Won-jun Ji: Seoul National University Electrical Engineering Graduate, Nexon Affiliate Representative Director, Smilegate Affiliate Representative Director.


2015. 12. Incorporation
2015. 12. Contract with Smilegate Orange Farm Accelerating program. 
2016. 02. Time Folio Asset Management Investment Inducement.
2016. 08. Venture Business Designation.
2016. 11. Investment Inducements from Time Folio Asset Management, VIP Asset Management, and Goodnori Entertainment.
2017. 08. Launch of English game SNG. 
2018. 11. Joint SANDBOX game development contract made with Smilegate.
2020. 04. Began development of a puzzle game. 
2020. 08. Began development of an online PC game. 
2020. 11. Company-affiliated research center established.


Company that connects people

to introduce the new world entertainment.



We dream of a company with high wages.
Our goal is to bring together highly-capable people and achieve passionate success. We want to share that success with the entire company. GRAPEGAMING is looking for people to join our cause..

Working conditions

- Free unlimited soft drinks and coffee.
- Regular overseas workshops.
- Dinner provided for overtime workers.
- Stock options.
- 4 Major Insurances, Annual Paid Leave, Severance Package, Health Screenings, Condolence Support
- Work Hours: 9:30 AM ~ 6:30 PM (Lunch Break: 12:30 ~ 13:30)



Customer Support

Tel : +82-2-544-7006


2F, 535 Seolleung-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
Located between Line 2 Seolleung Station and Line 9 Seonjeongneung Station